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The Fashion World Is Officially Obsessed with IKEA Bags

West’s longtime creative director and designer of the buzzy fashion label Off-White, Virgil Abloh, has been tapped by the Swedish furniture company to redesign its FRAKTA bag, otherwise known as that iconic oversize blue tote. “We’re in a moment where IKEA is transcending, and people are bringing this ‘do it yourself culture’ to the blue bag,” Abloh said in a statement on IKEA Today’s Instagram. “What I’m most interested in is doing that process in partnership with the brand. It’s allowing me to put my opinion on a classic. It’s unique, and distinctly as much of Off-White as it’s IKEA.” Abloh isn’t the first person to add his personal touch to the bag, though he is the only one to get the approval of IKEA. Back in April, Balenciaga revealed its new ”IKEA-inspired” tote bag designed by Demna Gvasalia. The two bags shared similarities: they were both large, blue shoppers, but they mainly made headlines for their differences. While IKEA’s original is made of polypropylene and will set you back only 99 cents, Balenciaga’s version is leather and costs $2,145. IKEA released a cheeky ad in response to the marked-up copycat, listing the six ways to identify a real FRAKTA bag. Shake it.

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